We set out to change the perception of collections and we changed the game


What is [re]start?

[re]start is a collaborative partner for businesses with accounts receivable or billing departments that would typically send their delinquent customers or patients into collections as an attempt to recover their unpaid debt.

Instead, your customers are first directed to [re]start, our free, candidate – focused career service platform where they receive all the resources and training they need to find a new job to become financially independent and pay your bill.

But [re]start doesn’t just solve the chronic problem of collections, it heads it off before it even begins.

When you broadcast your [re]start partnership to your customers throughout the billing cycle, they become aware that you can help them find a new job, at any time, before their bill becomes delinquent.

With [re]start, the only debt your customers will ever owe you is one of gratitude.