A Collaborative Partnership Empowering

Financial Relief and Career Development For Thousands of People in Our Communities.

A Powerful Social Impact Initiative Forgiving More Than

Two-Million Dollars of Consumer Debt.

A Brand Partnership

Credit Builder

Credit building is an essential

aspect of financial health

Legal Access Plan

Protects consumers under-represented by attorneys

Perks Program

Exclusive deals on your

favorite brands and products.

Career Development

Career Development platform helping you find a new job

Understanding Credit Card Utilization

Credit card utilization ratio is the amount of credit a borrower uses compared to the total amount of credit available to them. It is an important factor in determining a borrower’s creditworthiness and can impact their credit score.

Financial Solutions

• Insurance

• Money Management

• Banking

• Mortgages & Loans

Conquering Debt

Discover the path to financial freedom by using our intuitive calculator, designed to help you eliminate credit card debt efficiently while minimizing interest expenses. Achieve improved financial well-being and save money in the process.

Designed to Empower Individuals

With Professional Development

[re]think the job search process

Digital Resume

Compliment your hard resume with a digital profile you can leverage online to land more interviews.

Community Access

Engage in our community and gain access to valuable tools, resources, and live events!

Live Career Advisors

Career Advisors will learn your preferences and will provide Job [re]commendations that match what you're looking for.

Our Community

Access tools, resources, insights, live events, and workshops.

Connecting people to meaningful employment opportunities changes everything, for everyone.

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